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As a Marketer, information overload and fierce competition require you to become even smarter. Both in terms of relevance and efficiency. That is why we introduce Dasbot; your digital growth assistant. Dasbot sifts through oceans of data to deliver you actionable insights.

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The GDPR/AVG-proof cookie

GDPR Toolkit

Ensure that a cookie report and institutions that comply with the new European directives are submitted.

The GDPR Toolkit makes sure you don't have to worry about the GDPR: we check your cookies and set the correct message.

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Unique texts in a blink of an eye

Content Creator

Create product texts from your product feed in just a matter of seconds.

The content creator generates new texts from your product feed or webshop within seconds after you set up your template.

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All advertisement costs in one place

Cost Data Importer

View the ROI of all your advertising channels and divide your budget optimally.

Make all costs and ROI of all your ads daily  and automatically visible in Google Analytics, as you see now with Google Ads.

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Our power stack

At Dasbot we create software solutions to improve the relevance and efficiency of your digital marketing efforts.  Let's grow, together!

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Faster websites and webshops

Web Performance Audit

Increase your conversions and customer satisfaction by loading pages up to 25% faster.

Smart algorithms predict the next page your visitors go to, so the browser loads it before the visitor clicks on it.

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